Year round quality consistency

The floodplains of the Mackenzie River have been replenished over the decades with layers of silt by the floods that have covered it. This extremely fertile, self-mulching deep alluvial clays make up over 4000 Ha of the aggregation and Kaiuroo has developed sustainable farming practices which best suit the highly variable environment.

In the summer, crops of Sorghum Corn and Mungbeans are grown with Wheat and Chickpeas being options in the winter time pending adequate rainfall.

The implementation of a planter that boasts the latest technology available on the world market, in conjunction with a unique tyne planting system allows accurate singulation of summer crops.

We believe this is the next big area of gain for farming in marginal areas. By taking a soil survey and planting a designated plant population matched to the soil water availability by row.

Kaiuroo is looking at developing a sustainable system of organic farming which will incorporate Zero Till, Controlled traffic, Singulation of summer and winter crops while being able to maximise the variation of soil moisture by variable rate. With the incorporation of all the key drivers that make CQ farming successful, the aim is to develop a machine that can handle large areas of farming in the CQ area.