Wonderful water allows all options

On both Kaiuroo and Coreen balancing storages have been constructed with each holding approximately 2,000 megalitres. Harvesting of water is allowed from the Mackenzie River for these storages at times when the Tartrus Weir flows over a certain litreage/second. The storages hold water short term, for application at times best suited to the leucaena, and to augment local rainfalls not sufficient to fill the necessary moisture profile.

Ideally cattle do best on a ration of approximately 1/3 leucaena and 2/3 grass. To maintain this balance, an area of 200 hectares has been established to Aleman grass ponded pasture. One metre high banks were constructed following the site contour.

Through the Summer months the pond area bays are filled with harvested water, promoting heavy water grass growth. Towards Winter the water dries back and the cattle follow the grass line as the water recedes. The system provides bulk grass through Winter supported by its adjacent leucaena paddocks. Home grown forage can also supplement the leucaena through Winter depending on stocking rates.

The irrigated leucaena supports a stocking rate of one beast to 0.4ha average, year round. Weight gain performance has been recorded at peak of 2kg/head/day. The overall yearly average weight gain achieved on Kaiuroo is 1kg/head/day. The balancing of the ratio of protein to carbohydrates for consistent maximum weight performance is critical under this grazing system. Brahman cattle respond very well to being able to source dry (grass) and rich (leucaena) feed matter at will. Kaiuroo Aggregation’s management policy of the promotion of organic cattle through an upward plane of nutrition ensures a prime, healthy and great eating product, and allows turnoff suitability to fit valuable organic beef orders of particular specification at all times of the year.