An innovative breeding program

The Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), based in Armidale, has been a world leader in research and development for beef cattle genetic improvement for over 40 years, and has played the major role in the development of BREEDPLAN.

AGBU is a joint venture of the University of New England, and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

AGBU is now working with Kaiuroo to help develop and implement an innovative breeding program aimed at producing practical cattle with documented genetic merit for economically important traits, including: tropical adaptation, fertility, temperament, meat quality (particularly tenderness), and polledness, which will provide the genetic platform for profitable organic beef production.

The research will include the application of genomic tools to allow faster genetic progress for key, hard-to-measure traits, and will ensure appropriate balance in improvement across the range of traits targeted.

Kaiuroo bloodlines build on the Tartrus base, meaning they are a broad sample of well described Brahman genetics, providing an excellent base for genetic improvement.