A strategic approach
delivers optimum production

Tom Emmery and Jennifer McCamley of Ag Resource Management are keenly driving the performance of the Kaiuroo Aggregation. Their ambition to establish this unique operation as ‘world best practice’, has required the introduction of cornerstone strategic pillars in terms of Cattle Breeding, Dryland and Irrigated Farming practices. Operational objectives are tuned to production efficiencies through incorporating ongoing scientific research in breeding herds and ground-breaking initiatives in farming technology. Kaiuroo Aggregations’ end-state is to achieve a unique product with significant cost-of- production efficiencies in the high growth, high value end of Australia’s flourishing agricultural markets.

It was Jennifer McCamley’s grandfather E.W.G. (Ted) McCamley who originally purchased Kaiuroo in 1937. In 1960 it was converted to a Stud lease to further the production of his Polled Hereford bulls which he sold throughout Australia. The ideals of the Aggregation today are linked in some way to those of over half a century ago.

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About the Management team

Tom Emmery BM

Raised on a cattle property in Central Queensland. At the forefront of farming practices in the area with 20 years experience of large scale dryland and irrigation farming development and production.

First person to adopt zero till practices in Central Queensland and also the first in the area to utilise GPS guidance systems in a contract farming application. Tom’s parents’ beef operation was geared with a strong emphasis on objectively measured performance with fertility and growth the primary factors. His family were also pioneers in the district of implementing irrigated leucaena for grazing benefits.

Experienced in livestock production and marketing of stud bulls and commercial cattle in his time at Tartrus Station. During that period assisted management with the implementation of transition to organic production, introduction of large scale leucaena grazing and also managed substantial farming operations on Tartrus and on a share farming basis.

Jennifer McCamley

Raised on the property, Tartrus Station, in Central Queensland. Assisted her father, Sir Graham McCamley, to run the family business which encompassed a large scale Brahman Stud operation and substantial commercial cattle enterprise. Jennifer principally managed the Stud operation and Tartrus Station itself for 30 years.

During that time Tartrus Brahmans were shown with Championship success at major shows in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory; were sold to Brazil, Thailand, New Zealand, Philippines and Vietnam as well as across Australia; and produced many influential industry leading sires including Tartrus Redmount and Tartrus Aristotle Manso.

Jennifer was an early identifier of the overall benefits of organic beef production, first establishing a herd organic certification nearly 25 years ago. From an early stage, she recognised the value of scientific and genetic research and its beneficial utilisation through the functional and ‘hands on’ Tartrus breeding programme.

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