20 Dec 2018

Platinum Property Tour Beef Australia 2018

Ag Resource Management hosted a property tour within Beef Australia 2018, receiving guests who flew from Rockhampton to Kaiuroo Aggregation. They were treated to a comprehensive introduction to operations led by Jennifer McCamley and Tom Emmery.

Visitors saw first-hand Kaiuroo’s unique and diverse mixed farming operation, the recently upgraded large-scale irrigation system and the registered Grey and Red Brahman herd. Guests gained an insight into the cutting-edge breeding program employed at Kaiuroo.

David Johnston and Matt Wolcott from AGBU presented the MDC genetic research project aims, early results, and the latest developments in the genetic evaluation for tropical beef breeds.

Paul Williams from TBTS demonstrated ovarian scanning and presented key updates from the Brahman BIN project.

Guests enjoyed organic produce for lunch, the highlight being Kaiuroo’s very own organic beef, accompanied by organic beer and wine.